Alto de la Ballena

March 27, 2012  •  2 Comments

A sunset over the hills to the west as seen from Alto de la Ballena. Alto de la Ballena is the name of a vineyard near Punta del Este. It's located at the Ruta 12, a few kilometers before it connects to Ruta 9. It means something like "Top of the Whale". It's called like this, because the vineyard is located on the side of the Sierra de la Ballena ("Hill of the Whale"), which refers to the nearby Punta Ballena ("Whale point").

With around 8 hectares it's small, although they borrow some other lands of neighboring friends to increase the grape production. In my personal opinion, Alto de la Ballena makes one of the better wines in Uruguay.

Wine tasting at Alto de la Ballena. It's possible to do wine tastings at the vineyard. There is a small wooden deck in which the owners will receive you with bread, cheese and of course their wines. They also give you a tour around the vineyard, which offers enjoyable views and an interesting explanation on the entire wine production process.

When doing a wine tasting, you get an informative tour of the vineyard.

The best moment to start the wine tasting is around 1, 2 hours before sunset. Enjoying the sunset from here, with a view over the Laguna de Sauce and the Rio de la Plata, stretching as far as Pan de Azúcar in the distance, is a memorable experience.

Enjoying a wine tasting at sunset at the vineyard Alto de la Ballena.

For more photos of Alto de la Ballena click here.


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Gera, very good, you should!

You're "the" Gera right? ;-) Laborda?
Very good tip, I'll make sure to put it in my to-do list for my next visit to Uruguay, whenever that may happen
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