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Created 18-Jan-16
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Lucas MadridLucas MadridLucas MadridRD-2016-01-14 18.48.18RD-2016-01-14 18.48.20RD-2016-01-14 18.48.20-2RD-2016-01-14 18.48.20-3RD-2016-01-14 18.48.22Lucas Madrid floating in a wave during the finals of the Copa Corona 2016RD-2016-01-14 18.53.29Lucas MadridLucas MadridLucas realises he won the cupLucas Madrid celebratingLucas Madrid celebrating

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Keywords:Copa Corona 2016 Final Open, La Barra, Lucas Madrid, Luis María Iturria, Maldonado, Montoya, South America, Surfing, Uruguay